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The snow that melted

The Shining

Last day of our holidays we went to Kale village (Simena in ancient Greek), where are Lycian tombs and a Medieval castle. Coming here by boat allows to see a sunken city, however… Continue reading

Bougainvillea breathing

Shortly: Kaş is cute. Squeezed between sea and mountains, it’s cosy, laid back and not overly touristy. It used to be a Lycian town, so here and there one can come across a Lycian… Continue reading

In the land of turquoise

We hesitated whether to make the next hotel reservation in Kalkan or in Kaş. We went for Kaş and never regretted. However, on our way we dropped by Kalkan: it has lovely harbour… Continue reading

Sandy sunset

It was time for beach. Though not any beach, but Patara beach: 18 kilometres long, wide and in 90% empty. Patara is a sandy gem, which thanks to Caretta caretta sea turtles is… Continue reading

Ancient city rocks

As our concept of those holidays was rather nomadic than stationary, we left Fethiye and headed south. We were on the area of ancient Lycia and it was time to see a Lycian… Continue reading

Faith in you

We didn’t give Fethiye much time. With the hotel located in the heart of the old town we were already in the middle of its life and as in the day we were… Continue reading

Between waves and butterflies

Ölüdeniz did not exactly fit my concept of a quiet lagoon. Maybe it had something to do with it not being quiet at all, because with this number of visitors it couldn’t have… Continue reading

A ghost town museum

With the base in Fethiye we set off to check the surroundings. We drove along a narrow road running through the hills covered with pine forrests, until around the bend a village lying… Continue reading

Twice upon a time in Anatolia

One September day we went on a quite spontaneous trip to the south of Turkey. Without any hotel reservation, with roughly sketched plan and only the first destination point certain: Fethiye. The road… Continue reading