Sightseeing Stockholm. Södermalm

Södermalm. It’s said to be a bohemian district, but what I remember best is its hilly topography: up and down – and by the stairs. As Stockholm may be homogenous, but each district… Continue reading

Sightseeing Stockholm. Katarinahissen

Katarinahissen is a place which makes photographer’s job easy and difficult at the same time: it offers a sure-fire view that would look almost same on everybody’s frames. And it looks interesting on its… Continue reading

Sightseeing Stockholm. Vasastan

  Due to its compact size, Stockholm is very easy to sightsee, either by metro or on foot (if one is fond of walking).  Crowd is not a problem as the number of… Continue reading


CaTsh machine

Citying on a rooftop

2014: Odyssey


Agua de Annique – Sunken Soldiers Ball

The door-s